Famous Cannabis Users

Oscar Wilde (famous Victorian playwright) was known to be a fan of “opium-tainted Egyptian cigarettes” and smoked marijuana on a trip to Algiers.

Former President Bill Clinton: While he eventually recanted his statement by saying he “didn’t inhale” and upping the War on Drugs, Clinton admitted to experimenting with marijuana during his Oxford days.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich: He once said in JAMA, “We believe licensed physicians are competent to employ marijuana, and patients have a right to obtain marijuana legally, under medical supervision, from a regulated source…” Unfortunately, he too recanted his statement by attacking other politicians who also admitted to trying marijuana.

Stephen King: He told High Times magazines in 1980 that marijuana “should not only be legal, but I think it should be a cottage industry.” Many characters in his novels either smoke marijuana or are somehow related to it.

Hunter S. Thompson: The inventor of Gonzo journalism was well known for his endeavors with drugs, including marijuana. He was a strict pro-marijuana advocate.

Friedrich Nietzsche: The famous German philosopher suffered from illness later in life and was prescribed cannabis to help him with his pain.


(Information taken from Spliffs 2 by Tim Pilcher)