CA Legislature Says They Will Regulate Medical Marijuana

On August 27, the CA Legislature advanced Assembly Bill 266 that read only this: “It is the intention of the state legislature to regulate medical marijuana.” It does look likely, however, that the Governor’s Office may add their own language last-minute.

Cannabis regulation has thus far held a strange place in California politics. While fully-legal states like Washington and Colorado have implemented strict and fairly straightforward regulation from the get-go, CA has had no such luxury with their own medical marijuana laws. Regulation and allowance of collectives, for example, has been a responsibility deferred to individual counties–leading some to outright ban dispensaries, hurting legal patients’ safe access to medicine. Others, like Los Angeles, allow a certain number of licensed collectives to operate, but such laws have proved difficult to enforce with limited available resources from law enforcement.

Although new regulation at the state level could make access easier and better, it is thus far looking unlikely. Cities could ban cannabis activity altogether. Transportation of medicine would be heavily licensed and regulated, raising costs for both farmers and distributors. Although the bill does cut out some  bureaucratic elements, the process of licensing and enforcing such rules will no doubt require copious state resources to manage.

The bill also comes at an awkward time in California’s marijuana history, as full legalization seems likely to appear on the 2016 ballot.


Raid on San Bernardino Dispensary

The San Bernardino SWAT team raided a high-risk marijuana dispensary on Friday, where they found firearms and cocaine on premises. It is unfortunate that illegal collectives are so susceptible to illegal behavior. If collectives were legalized and regulated in San Bernardino County, patients would not have to visit such high-risk dispensaries to obtain their medicine.


UK May Consider Marijuana Legalization

It’s a long shot, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

After a petition with over 170,000 signatures made it to Parliament, lawmakers in the UK may now consider the merits of moving forward with their own legalization plan.

This is good news not only for people in the UK who may benefit from cannabis but for US companies seeking to expand overseas.

This is the first step in putting a new law into action, and we hope to hear it moves forward in the near future.


CA Finally Allows MMJ Patients to Get Organ Transplants

A huge victory for medical marijuana patients in California! For the first time since medical  marijuana has been legalized in California, patients no longer have to choose between life-saving organ transplants and the cannabis that helps them function every day.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the Medical Cannabis Organ Transplant Act into state law, which no longer allows medical professionals to deny patients solely upon a positive test of medical marijuana use (unless the amount of usage is significant to that particular transplantation).

This is fantastic news because so many patients who desperately need organ transplantation also need medical marijuana to help cope with the pain, nausea, and sleeplessness that often come with serious illness.

The first legal collective in the city of Los Angeles and a pre-ICO safe haven


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