Welcome to California Alternative Caregivers!

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California Alternative Caregivers is the first legal collective in the city of Los Angeles, and the first Venice collective. CAC is a pre-ICO collective.

Since its inception in 2005, CAC, the oldest legal co-op in the city of Los Angeles, has been a family collective. The comfortable, at home feeling is one of the many reasons our patients continue to return, recommending new patients along the way.

As a non-profit, our goal has always been to provide a safe, caring and quiet collective for our patients. We strive to provide the highest quality and safest organic alternatives to the dangerous side effects related to pharmaceuticals.

Our selection of organic strains includes kushes, pure sativas, pure indicas, and hybrids that are grown exclusively by our patients. Our large selection of edibles includes vegan, sugar free, gluten free and tinctures (glycerin).

The aim of our highly qualified volunteers is to educate our patients in the different medicinal effects of the strains, as well as edibles and smokeless vaporizing. We also help our patients find the most effective form of medicine for their individual needs.

First time patients must bring their original doctor’s recommendation and a valid photo California ID.

We now have Amsterdam Cup winning strains right here at California Alternative Caregivers! We are the only dispensary in the country to have these authentic strains!

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat 10 am – 8 pm

Sunday 12 pm – 7 pm

Directions to CAC

122 S Lincoln Blvd, Suite 204

Venice, CA, 90291


(Across the street from WholeFoods)

New Strain: Kushtronic


THC: 15.03%

CBD: 0.34%

CBN: 0.18%

Kushtronic is an organically-grown Indica strain grown indoors. Indicas are best known for pain relief, aiding in sleep, and relaxing the body. Its 15% THC provides just the right amount of relief for regular users.

Kush strains trace their origins back to the Hindu Kush region that shares boundaries with India and Pakistan. The region is known for cannabis and hashish production, and through selective breeding created short and stocky Indica plants.

There is now a wide variety of kush strains available in the U.S., such as the infamous OG Kush, Amsterdam-born Vanilla Kush, and Sour Kush (more popularly known as Headband). They are popular among Indica fans who favor high THC strains.

Kiva Edibles Demo! Thursday Feb 19th

imageKiva Chocolates will be doing a live demonstration at CAC on Thursday, February 19th from 6 PM to 8 PM!

A rep from the company will be visiting with samples for you to take home and try! Kiva Chocolates is one of our new vendors and they have delicious chocolate bars and other chocolate treats infused with cannabis.

Like all vendors at CAC, their product is lab tested by a reputable third party.

Come by and check them out this Thursday! (New patients will have to register with their doctor’s recommendation and California ID to access the demonstration).

Medical Marijuana and Employment: The Gray Area

While it is technically illegal for employers to discriminate against conditions and disabilities that are eligible for a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation in the state of CA, they can still order you to take a drug test–and fire you if you have THC in your system, regardless if you have a marijuana rec or not.

This legal gray area has caused a plethora of problems for employed people in marijuana-legal states who have a rec and need to medicate to function at their job. Many who suffer from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain need cannabis to be productive members of society, yet employers (like banks and other financial institutions) still see marijuana as a “Schedule I” illegal drug that turns their employees into stoned zombies. Little do they know that cannabis is the reason their employees are alert, focused, and on task!

Not all employer paranoia about cannabis is completely unwarranted–a forklift driver, for example, should not be high on the job. But does it really matter if said forklift driver medicates at home on his own time? Most people would say no. Unfortunately due to the laws currently in place, flaws in drug testing, and our own physiology, it doesn’t matter if an employee consumes marijuana on the job or during the weekend–they are in constant danger of losing employment.

While random drug testing is illegal in many jurisdictions, if an employer has “reasonable suspicion” that an employee is intoxicated on the job, they can order him or her to take a drug test. This “reasonable suspicion” can come from something as minor as a slight mistake made while the employee is stone-cold sober. Due to the nature of cannabinoids and our physiology, THC can stay in our bodies for as long as a month after consumption… so the cannabis the employee smoked for their chronic pain on the weekend will register on their drug test. Even “trace amounts” of THC from a weekly edible taken off-duty can get an employee terminated, even with a reasonable excuse and a medical marijuana recommendation.

What can be done to protect medical marijuana patients and employers alike? While the laws seem like the easiest thing to blame, perhaps the biggest flaw is the drug test itself. There needs to be a method of differentiating between THC levels of someone who just “lit one up” and someone who consumed cannabis the day before. There also needs to be a blatant distinction between THC and testing positive for cocaine, meth, or heroin–lumping cannabis with other drugs is downright unfair to both employers and marijuana patients. Of course, legal protection is important as well–as long as the employee is not intoxicated on the job and has a medical marijuana rec, they should not have to fear for their job. Non-patients who drink alcohol do not have to worry about testing positive for “drunkenness” because they went to the bar the night before, so why should marijuana patients (who have a valid medical reason to be intoxicated on their own time!)?

New Products: Cheeba Chews


California Alternative Caregivers now carries the ever-popular (and ever-potent) Cheeba Chews, a concentrated taffy candy.

We carry pure CBD, CBD/THC blend, THC Indica and THC Sativa Cheeba Chews. The pure CBD candy provides pain relief and calmness without getting you high–a favorite among patients who want pain management without having to smoke or feeling mentally affected.

Cheeba Chews come with a dosage recommendation so you are not left guessing as to how much you should eat. They are also known for consistency, so you know what to expect next time you eat a Cheeba Chew.

All edibles at California Alternative Caregivers are tested by a reputable third party and Cheeba Chews are no different.

If you are a medical marijuana patient in California, come by and check out our wide selection of edibles!

MMJ Apps and Apple

Some developers of medical marijuana-related apps have expressed frustration with rejections and takedowns on Apple’s App Store.

According to this article from The Cannabist, apps like MassRoots and Nestdrop (the latter of which has been banned as a means of MMJ delivery in the city of Los Angeles) have been pulled from Apple’s online marketplace due to “amendments” made to their Terms of Service.

Isaac Dietrich, CEO of MassRoots, told The Cannabist: “The App Store is one of the largest content distribution channels in the world, and we’d already been on there for 14 months. After we were taken down from the App Store, I called Apple back on election day and the guy said they had amended the App Store policy on cannabis social apps.”

Apple’s crackdown on cannabis-related apps could be the result of Federal pressure to not cater to businesses who deal with marijuana. Similar pressures have been placed on the banking industry, making it difficult (if not outright impossible) for collectives to open bank accounts or provide credit card processing service. Despite recreational cannabis being legal in two states and medical marijuana in many more, businesses like Apple are wary of any connection to the industry.

There is, admittedly, a legal gray area in regards to delivery services. Allowance of medical marijuana delivery varies from city to city and county to county in California. Because it requires a great deal of work and management, some delivery apps do not require collectives and delivery services to verify that the person transporting medicine has a medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor. This issue is what got Nestdrop banned for use as MMJ delivery in Los Angeles.

Still, it is disappointing to see a huge corporation like Apple crack down and endanger smaller businesses who are legal to operate in their respective states. Hopefully they will rethink their position as more states legalize marijuana.

CAC: Dispensaries Best Practices

We here at California Alternative Caregivers are proud to be among the collectives that The Bridge Project lists as having “Best Practices” for the community. Since we do not allow those without a California ID and/or California doctor’s recommendation to become members of our collective, we are doing our part in keeping marijuana out of the hands of children–and off the streets of Venice.

Our strict adherence to the law and collaboration with community groups contribute to our collective’s safe and comfortable environment. We are celebrating our ten-year anniversary and look forward to many more years of helping our ill patients as well as the local community.

California Says Concentrates are Medical

A three-judge court ruled that cannabis concentrates can be used medicinally. The ruling came up after a patient was arrested for a probation violation after law enforcement found marijuana concentrates in his residence.

Concentrates are cannabis products made from the resin of the plant. The resin is rich with cannabinoids, which is where cannabis’ medicinal benefits come from. They are called “concentrates” because packing just the resin into a single product provides a concentrated form of cannabis without plant matter. Forms of concentrates include hash, kief, and oil.

The consumption of concentrates is typiclly reserved for long-time heavy users who can no longer feel the effects of smoking marijuana from flower. A single hit of wax (or “dab” in street vernacular) can provide triple or quadruple the effect a hit off of a bowl of regular-grade plant marijuana provides. Users credit its fast-acting and hard-hitting effects for giving them the relief they need.

For the average user, however, concentrates are unnecessary–if not downright too powerful for them to handle. Like eating a whole potent edible, inhaling a concentrate without developing a tolerance first can make a patient ill.

Although concentrates have been deemed medical, the production of butane hash oil (BHO) remains illegal in California due to the dangers of manufacturing such a product. People have been injured in explosions caused by the manufacturing of BHO, which requires the use of highly flammable chemicals. It is also highly dangerous to breathe in butane if the BHO has not been fully and properly cured. If you are interested in trying cannabis oil, it is advised that patients consume CO2/cold water extracted oil instead of BHO, as CO2/cold water extraction is a safer method for both the manufacturer and the patient.