Welcome to California Alternative Caregivers!

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California Alternative Caregivers is the first legal collective in the city of Los Angeles, and the first Venice collective. CAC is a pre-ICO collective and listed as having “Best Practices” for the community by The Bridge Project!

Since its inception in 2005, CAC, the oldest legal co-op in the city of Los Angeles, has been a family collective. The comfortable, at home feeling is one of the many reasons our patients continue to return, recommending new patients along the way.

As a non-profit, our goal has always been to provide a safe, caring and quiet collective for our patients. We strive to provide the highest quality and safest organic alternatives to the dangerous side effects related to pharmaceuticals.

Our selection of organic strains includes kushes, pure sativas, pure indicas, and hybrids that are grown exclusively by our patients. Our large selection of edibles includes vegan, sugar free, gluten free and tinctures (glycerin).

The aim of our highly qualified volunteers is to educate our patients in the different medicinal effects of the strains, as well as edibles and smokeless vaporizing. We also help our patients find the most effective form of medicine for their individual needs.

First time patients must bring their original doctor’s recommendation and a valid photo California ID.

We now have Amsterdam Cup winning strains right here at California Alternative Caregivers! We are the only dispensary in the country to have these authentic strains!

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat 10 am – 8 pm

Sunday 12 pm – 7 pm

Directions to CAC

122 S Lincoln Blvd, Suite 204

Venice, CA, 90291


(Across the street from WholeFoods)

Auntie Dolores Demo Day at CAC!


Come see Auntie Dolores at CAC!

friday august 7th 5 pm – 7 pm

Auntie Dolores will be doing a demo day with discounted edibles on Friday August 7. Come check out their deliciously potent edibles! (New patients accepted with valid CA ID and doctor’s rec)

CA Finally Allows MMJ Patients to Get Organ Transplants

A huge victory for medical marijuana patients in California! For the first time since medical  marijuana has been legalized in California, patients no longer have to choose between life-saving organ transplants and the cannabis that helps them function every day.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the Medical Cannabis Organ Transplant Act into state law, which no longer allows medical professionals to deny patients solely upon a positive test of medical marijuana use (unless the amount of usage is significant to that particular transplantation).

This is fantastic news because so many patients who desperately need organ transplantation also need medical marijuana to help cope with the pain, nausea, and sleeplessness that often come with serious illness.

San Diego to get New Collectives

San Diego has had a ban on dispensaries until an April 2014 ordinance allowed a certain number to operate within the city. We are just now beginning to see this ordinance put into action.

While six have been granted a permit, only one dispensary has opened thus far–to positive reviews. Two more are slated to open soon.

Like Los Angeles, San Diego collectives must adhere to strict zoning rules that keep them a certain number of feet away from schools, parks, and other public institutions. It also looks like the number of collectives allowed to operate–and where they operate–are being strictly regulated by the City.

It looks like access to medical marijuana in San Diego no longer means a shady deliveryman showing up at your door with a paper bag of medicine from an illegal collective. Hopefully, everyone in the city will soon have affordable, easy, and most of all, safe access to their medical marijuana needs.

San Fran Hosts Medical Marijuana Food Fair

Edibles have become a popular way of consuming marijuana, and few things are better proof of this than a food fair offering cannabis-infused product.

The event, held today in San Francisco, is only open to patients with a California physicians recommendation. One of the offerings of the fair is a medicated pancake served as breakfast.

Edibles are particularly popular among patients who do not wish to smoke (due to health issues or housing rules).


Baker Monkey Indica Medi-Bears Review

One of our most popular items is the medicated gummy bear packs from Baker Monkey. Each pack contains twelve bears that amount to 1g of Indica cannabis per dozen. A volunteer here at CAC decided to see if the bears could help with her restlessness and waking up during the night.

The volunteer used an app called Sleep Cycle, which measures the movements a person makes during the night and compiles a report of sleep duration and sleep quality for when the person wakes. It calculates sleep quality by the length of periods of normal sleep, deep sleep, and being awake.

Here is a sampling of sleep reports before the volunteer started eating a bear before going to bed. As you can see, her sleep quality is 60%~70%, meaning that while she only wakes up once or twice during the night, she rarely dips into a “deep sleep”.


Below is a sleep report of a night the volunteer ate a bear before bed:


Note the vast change in sleep quality! From the 60s and 70s to a favorable 93%. She stays in a deeper sleep for longer, which leads to feeling well-rested and energized during the day.

The best part about the medi-bears (besides the effect) is the easy dosage. A patient with a low tolerance for cannabis can cut a bear in half and receive a very low dose of marijuana, or someone with a higher tolerance can eat 2-3 bears to achieve the full effect. On top of that, the bears don’t have a strong “flowery” taste, nor are they too sweet.

The volunteer now regularly eats a bear before sleep and rates the Baker Monkey Medi-Bears with five out of five stars! ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆


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Minnesota Hospitals Will Be Able to Offer Medical Marijuana

Hospitals in Minnesota will be able to dispense liquid and pill forms of medical marijuana to qualify patients. The law will come into effect July 1st, which makes non-leaf forms of cannabis legal to patients. Hospitals were added to the list of facilities that would be allowed to dispense such medicine.

This might sound like hospitals will act as a collective, but this will most likely not be the case, according to state officials. While staffers at hospitals can become caregivers, the most likely outcome is that families of patients will bring in medical marijuana to be handled and distributed by hospital staff.

Again, this does not include smoked cannabis–only in liquid and pill forms.