Welcome to California Alternative Caregivers!

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California Alternative Caregivers is the first legal collective in the city of Los Angeles, and the first Venice collective. CAC is a pre-ICO collective and listed as having “Best Practices” for the community by The Bridge Project!

Since its inception in 2005, CAC, the oldest legal co-op in the city of Los Angeles, has been a family collective. The comfortable, at home feeling is one of the many reasons our patients continue to return, recommending new patients along the way.

As a non-profit, our goal has always been to provide a safe, caring and quiet collective for our patients. We strive to provide the highest quality and safest organic alternatives to the dangerous side effects related to pharmaceuticals.

Our selection of organic strains includes kushes, pure sativas, pure indicas, and hybrids that are grown exclusively by our patients. Our large selection of edibles includes vegan, sugar free, gluten free and tinctures (glycerin).

The aim of our highly qualified volunteers is to educate our patients in the different medicinal effects of the strains, as well as edibles and smokeless vaporizing. We also help our patients find the most effective form of medicine for their individual needs.

First time patients must bring their original doctor’s recommendation and a valid photo California ID.

We now have Amsterdam Cup winning strains right here at California Alternative Caregivers! We are the only dispensary in the country to have these authentic strains!

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat 10 am – 8 pm

Sunday 12 pm – 7 pm

Directions to CAC

122 S Lincoln Blvd, Suite 204

Venice, CA, 90291


(Across the street from WholeFoods)

Weedmaps Still Advertising Illegal Collectives

The Hesperia Star recently posted an article about how WeedMaps advertises dispensaries in the area despite a county-wide ban that spans all of San Bernadino County.

We stopped advertising on WeedMaps due to their advertising illegal collectives and it looks like they are continuing to do so. While this practice undoubtedly makes WeedMaps a lot of cash, it puts patients and caregivers in a great deal of danger, as visitors who visit illegal collectives during a raid can also get into trouble.

Medical Marijuana and Pets

As more research is revealed about marijuana’s healing powers, more people experiment with using cannabis for various conditions. One such experimentation that has gradually become popular is using medical marijuana on our pets–specifically cats and dogs. Thus far, the word-of-mouth seems promising, from firsthand reports of Fido recovering from a debilitating tumor to an old cat suddenly acting years younger.

Firstly, a disclaimer: you should NOT blow marijuana smoke into your pet’s face, nor is it a good idea to smoke with your pet in a small, non-ventilated room. You should also refrain from giving your pet a medicated edible meant for human consumption, as the concentration of THC may be too much for your animal to handle. An animal who has consumed too much THC can get very ill and require emergency care.

That said, cannabis-infused pet products have been entering the marketing in the form of doggie and pet treats with a suitable amount of THC and/or CBD. Auntie Dolores has a CBD-rich dog treat. Since CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, it is safer for animals to consume as opposed to THC, although THC in small doses can also benefit animals. Benefits include pain relief for CBD-only treats and help with anxiety and lack of appetite for THC treats.

You pet doesn’t have to consume cannabis by treats only–cannabis oil can be administered as well, but only in small amounts and with great care. Start with a tiny amount and see how your pet reacts before increasing the dosage. Always read the ingredient list before giving your pet cannabis oil, especially if it is a tincture–many have alcohol mixed into them.

While vets can speak to pet owners about cannabis therapy options, they cannot prescribe medical marijuana or offer medical marijuana product. To legally obtain medical marijuana for your pet, you will have to visit a physician and obtain a medical marijuana prescription for yourself.

As with anything involving your pet’s health, ALWAYS talk to your vet before administering any medicine to your pet, including cannabis.

Despite Ban, Illegal Collectives Still Prolific in LA

Marijuana Business Daily recently made an article about how despite efforts from Los Angeles Law Enforcement, illegal collectives still run rampant.

LA City Attorney Mike Feuer’s office claims that law enforcement has effectively shut down “500” illegal cannabis businesses since Prop D was put into law. Prop D declares all collectives not operating with a business license before a 2007 immunity clause to be illegal, which–in theory–brings the legal collective count down to 137.

While the City Attorney seems to think they’ve made good progress, legal collective owners disagree.

From the article:

“He said he closed 500 dispensaries, but he doesn’t say a word about the 600 that opened after that,” said Yamileth Bolanos, who runs PureLife Alternative Wellness Center, which qualifies to stay open under the 2013 law.

Illegal collectives are like weeds–pull out one and many proliferate in its wake. The biggest issue is the tax office distributing tax certificates to anyone who asks–including those looking to open and operate an illegal collective. If the tax office and the city attorney’s office cooperated with one another, they can preventing illegal collective owners from fooling landlords into renting to them.

Unfortunately, illegal collectives are highly profitable and since they do not have to abide by legal collective rules, they can make higher profits by not having to charge tax. This draws business away from legal collectives.

Hopefully, the city of Los Angeles can work harder and more efficiently at removing illegal collectives in the near future.

Obama’s Relaxing Views on MMJ

In a new documentary about marijuana called Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution, CNN Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta called for President Obama to support the Senate’s efforts to have marijuana reclassified from a Schedule I substance (which means it is an abusive substance with no medical value) to Schedule II. This reclassification would allow medical marijuana at the federal level and unobstructed testing could begin to further unlock the secrets of cannabis’ healing properties.

Obama’s response was reportedly thus:

You know, I think I’d have to take a look at the details, but I’m on record as saying that not only do I think carefully prescribed medical use of marijuana may in fact be appropriate and we should follow the science as opposed to ideology on this issue, but I’m also on record as saying that the more we treat some of these issues related to drug abuse from a public health model and not just from an incarceration model, the better off we’re going to be.

Obama has slowly relaxed his views on medical marijuana and no longer supports spending federal money on pursuing legal dispensaries in marijuana legal states. Although he has a little over a year remaining in office, the changing political climate surrounding marijuana bodes well for the upcoming 2016 election.

CBD Pharmaceutical Gets Clinical Trials

A drug called Epidiolex, which is derived from the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD, has been approved for clinical trials by the FDA… and thus far the results appear promising. It is thus far the only FDA approved drug containing cannabis to be approved for this purpose.

Epidiolex treats chronic seizures in children. One such disorder that inflicts children with constant debilitating seizures is Dravet Syndrome. Some children with this syndrome have so many seizures per day that they are unable to speak, walk, or otherwise communicate. They are prisoners in their own bodies. This was the case with Charlotte Figi, a young girl whose family moved to Colorado to try CBD oil for her seizures. Miraculously the oil worked, and the high CBD strain it is derived from is now called Charlotte’s Web.

Thus far the results appear “encouraging”, according to the neurologist leading Epidiolex’s research. Over half of the children and young adults treated continually with the trial drug saw a reduction in their seizures. The researchers hope promising results continue when they move on to placebo-controlled trials.


What NOT To Do as a Dispensary: Hide Cannabis-Filled Easter Eggs Throughout a City

Talk about a rotten egg!

In Boston, MA, people found plastic Easter eggs spread across the city containing a voucher for a group called “Cannimals” and a medicated marijuana edible (some of which were in places where children could find them) in an apparent PR stunt.

The idea of a medicated Easter egg hunt sounds like a lot of fun–and it could be in controlled circumstances. There are currently no legal marijuana collectives in the city of Boston, which means “organizations” like Cannimals are technically operating outside of regulation. Hiding cannabis-filled Easter eggs throughout the city opens up the possibility of non-patients stumbling upon the eggs–or worse, children who don’t know any better, and who will more strongly feel the effects of THC. Not to mention that any plastic eggs that are not located and forgotten about basically become litter. Plastic is bad for the environment.

Cannimals’ mature response to those who have concerns about their methods, via their (now defunct) Instagram account: “To those who are salty that we did a giveaway today, please delete yourself from our [Instagram] page if you don’t like our Easter eggs — FUCK YOU.”

Groups like Cannimals give a bad name to legal collectives across the country with their irresponsible and immature behavior. Advocates work tirelessly to dispel the myth that marijuana patients are a bunch of stoners lying to get prescriptions so they can get high and actions like this only give us well-meaning citizens a bad name.

There are much better ways to celebrate Easter with a cannabis twist. One such example is baking Easter themed cupcakes with Cannabutter. Medicated deliciousness!

As always: stay safe and use your head when it comes to medical marijuana!